# Redelegate

Redelegation is a process that Undelegate tokens from one validator and delegates it to a selected one. Due to this it have the same restrictions as Undelegation process;

# Redelegation restrictions

Redelegation amount can’t be more than previously delegated tokens

Complete reundelegation is passing 21 day, so after undelegation started user:

  1. Will stop receiving staking rewards
  2. Will not be able to cancel the unbonding
  3. Will need to wait 21 day for the amount to be liquid;

# To start the process of redelegation user need to do following steps:

  1. Go to “Staking” page and select the validator from which you will redelegate tokens;


  1. Select action to “Redelegate”


  1. Choose in the list the validator that will receive tokens


  1. Change amount to preferred but les than already delegated amount


  1. Click Redelegate
  2. In opened Keplr window press approve


!**Note if you are using Ledger way of login you have to approve the action by Ledger**


  1. Redelegation successfully started

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